Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Ecuador has just implemented a new curriculum where it has been tried to establish clear results for the ideal profile of the graduate in terms of the continuous process of development of social, intellectual and personal skills across all subjects, including English. It is said that this curriculum supports the educational goals of innovation, justice and solidarity that will prepare Ecuadorian students to participate successfully in local and international communities in the 21st century (Ministry of Education of Ecuador, 2016). However, this curriculum is not the first one that exists for the EFL area. A first historical initiative called CRADLE (Curriculum reform aimed at the development of English learning) in agreement with the British Council began in 1992 when English and other foreign languages such as French became compulsory for secondary education (English Agenda, 2017).


Eva María de Lourdes Loaiza Massuh
Patricia María Salazar Torres
Martha Anabelle Salazar Torres
Steffany Katherine Montece Ochoa
Jacqueline Jeaneen Veliz Blacio
Mildred Girasol Acosta Mora

Descriptores: Teoría y Métodos Educativos; Enseñanza de Lenguas; Educación.

Páginas: 128

ISBN: 978-9942-787-45-3