Content and Language Integrated Learning

Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)

Content and Language Integrated Learning

Content and Language Integrated Learning. After an arduous academic research, which took us through long hours of rea-ding analyzing and reviewing texts related to CLIL, We were able to understand the detail that implies a change in our curricular system through the inclusion of CLIL as the central axis of the EFL, after we could manage to glimpse the benefits and impact of teaching a class through a language other than Spanish.

Es that it manages to assimilate the high impact that is generated in the Ecuadorian educational system, the enormous responsibility that teachers must assume before this new challenge that awaits us, and the high ambition on the part of the Ministry of Education of Ecuador, which, without considering the ideal con-ditions, also decides to implement a new curricular reform in less than 4 years.


Substantial change

This book represents an effort to try to contribute with the rest of the teachers that lives within the Ecuadorian territory to digest the meaning of CLIL, its pros and cons, as well as the differences that it presents before a previous sys-tem with a less oriented approach to communication, but nothing new within the global teaching processes, but if it implies a substantial change within the country in terms of educational matter.

This original approach to learning for Ecuadorian students and teaching for the local teacher, it implies a huge com-mitment of all the actors involved in the process, because it is a cultural and identity change, which goes beyond simply imparting a subject through another language, which represents a significant impact on the student He is usually accustomed to another teaching process.


Eva María de Lourdes Loaiza Massuh
Patricia María Salazar Torres
Martha Anabelle Salazar Torres
Steffany Katherine Montece Ochoa
Jacqueline Jeaneen Veliz Blacio
Mildred Girasol Acosta Mora

Descriptores: Teoría y Métodos Educativos; Enseñanza de Lenguas; Educación.

Páginas: 128

ISBN: 978-9942-787-45-3



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